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Cast-Offs Streamers

Cast-Offs Streamers

These community interactive events were funded by a grant from ArtSurround of Creative Sonoma*. The intention was to create awareness around energy consumption and over-consumerism where our cast-offs are sent to the landfill. Everyone was invited to incorporate the collected plastic and metal waste for their new artistic lives in a collaborative hands-on creative project. The “Cast-Offs” streamers were festooned on tree branches at each location.

  I am pleased to be a recipient of the artist grant where we created the cast-offs in Helen Putnam Plaza in Petaluma, CA on Saturday April 29, 2023. The following Saturday, I was invited to be the artist at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County where visitors created the streamers. In November, I will also facilitate workshops there where we will fashion face masks made of discarded junk. 

Discarded Materials Destined for the landfill include plastics, styrofoam, metal, wood.


*Creative Sonoma is a division of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board dedicated to supporting and advancing the creative community of Sonoma County. For more information, please visit

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