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Watercolor Paintings use dense color and intricate pattern to integrate contemporary events and mythological references into my personal experience. "The Martyr” is a memorial to the South African anti-Apartheid activist, Stephen Banku Biko, who "mysteriously" died while in police custody in 1977. “Popocateptl”, the active volcano in central Mexico was painted after a trip there. “The Last Roundup” is my response to the peril of the endangered African elephant. “Up & Down Forest” is a play on action frozen in time: what is up/what is down? With recent wildfires in Sonoma County where I reside, this older painting of a forest with its fiery core was strangely prescient. “When Witches Dance” reveals my cluttered brain while deliriously brushing watercolor onto paper. “Roman Pantry” is my tourist painting of the busts of famous Romans that are displayed by the hundreds in Italian art museums. When I return from my travels, my memories are shelved in the mundane pantry of my home. “Reunion” is a play on people’s conversations. The green faced character spews forth everything on her mind. “While in Columbia” is my dizzying expression of this Missouri city's suffocating, summer heat. “Late Navigation” is a dream journey.

Water media on 22 in. x 30 in. Arches Cold Press watercolor paper

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