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Ceramic Sculpture

Myths, Portraits

Ceramic Sculpture divides into two categories. Myths are glazed stoneware torso figures with Greek mythology references. “Seated Nike” is the only piece I still own from this series of artwork. Nike, the Greek goddess of victory is typically depicted with wings as, the grand “Winged Victory of Samothrace” installed at the Louvre. My version is seated rather than in flight. Slabs of clay are formed then sprayed with layers of glazes. Portraits are stories articulated in porcelain or stoneware that use face molds and slab techniques. Surface details are painted in glazes. “Fox Meets Stranger” was inspired by my second-hand fox scarf. This once fashionable, now weird accessory, complete with its face and feet seemed menacing and conjured up all sorts of fantasies including the shadowy male figures. 

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