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Guardians are on high alert with this perfect storm of environmental degradation, global warming, conspiracy theories over fact and science, the jeopardy of our democracy. 


     "See Hear Speak" is an assemblage sculpture of three double-sided masks on poles. The brightly colored outside masks represent fighting for the ideal for humanity and the environment. See No Evil, Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil is the requirement for each of us. The inside masks depict charred Armageddon that occurs when we duck our responsibilities to confront the truth. We are on the cusp of extinction; what more proof do we need with pandemics raging and the dire effects of climate change? "See" is identified by large eyes created from CD disks. "Hear" has large ears and protects a bound figure representing humanity. "Speak" represents speaking out with political action.


     "Nesting", wall mask: front & side view. Represents primary sanctuary of all living organisms expressed as bird-like creatures.


     "Tikkun Olam" Tool Kits. "Tikkun Olam", translated as "repair the tear in the world" is an ancient Hebrew phrase. It originally had mystical connotations that the world was created imperfectly to be fixed only by human endeavor. Contemporary usage of the phrase shares a concern with public policy and societal change extending to urgent global environmental emergency. My small "Repair the World" tool kits communicate the need for people to actively participate in Tikkun Olam. The stages represent the globe for we are all in this together and only be creating community can we begin to solve our myriad of crises.

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