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Boxes, Paintings, Illuminations

Watercolors are a vehicle for my stories. Mythology, books, nature, contemporary news, and my personal experiences are spun into the narratives of my artwork. The medium is luscious: a blob of rich color flowed in water is made transparent with the stroke of a brush. The Nature Box series launched with my observations of the plethora of birds on a trip to the Missouri Ozarks. The flat paper is painted on both sides then cut and folded into a cube without use of adhesives. The images under the folded flaps stay secreted from view until opened by the recipient. Paintings include “Indirect Flight,” created in the afterglow of a visit to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. Illuminated Manuscripts, with their historic intention to tell stories in pictures to the illiterate, led me to create my own. My “Book of Turns” is a series of narrative paintings with decorative borders—some loaded with gold ink. I don’t necessarily set out to make themes about the life and death cycle but somehow, get there. After all, art is a record, a snapshot, of an event that passes—dies.

Art as Story
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