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Garden Totems and Flower Pots
Ceramic Art 

Garden, Totems, Pots


Ceramic totem with Dogū faces and red bird (6 in. w x 27 in. h)


Ceramic totem with Dogū faces and  green bird  (7 in. w x 25 in. h)

Scare 'Em

Ceramic totem Dogū faces and flowers  (8 in. w x 35 in. h)

Ceramic Art

My return to ceramic art was initially an intervention for our bare garden. Since our home backs near a small wood and a creek the plants are a banquet for the deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, and other wildlife. Fires and drought present additional challenges. So, I propagate my “Garden of the Apocalypse” with my ceramic totems and pots with their attached flower and bird lids. Themes are influenced by tribal and ancient civilizations. The Jōmon period of pottery (14,000–400 BC Japan) featuring Dogū humanoid and animal figures has long attracted me. I hand build using coils, slabs, pinch pots, and smooshes. Surface details are brushed on with glazes. 

Flowering Cactus

Glazed ceramic cactus on ceramic bases replicate fossilized rock. (Sizes vary approx. 15 in. high x 8 inch base)

Art as Story
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