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Women Warriors

Women Warriors Triumvirate 

The Triumvirate is an urgent call for women to be powerful as we face our rising challenges. Prejudice and crimes against women, Racism, forced birth, rape, lack of health care affect everyone. Masks (left to right): “Bed of Roses”, “Nasty Women”, “Sheltered in Poppies”. (Click on image for details.)

Women Warriors is a series of assemblage wall masks initially inspired by the 2020 Women's Suffrage Centennial, celebrating the 19th Amendment when women won the right to vote. Yet, in 2022, we suffer through a devolution in history as we continue the struggle for women’s rights and equality. All of us are affected by anti-women legislation. We women are of all colors and ages. We are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, children, wives, friends. We contribute to the workforce, to the wealth and ideas that make our country civilized and strong. The Women Warrior themes include the Opioid crisis, COVID, environmental issues. Everything in a civilized Democracy that needs our compassion and action.

Wall masks are created largely from recycled materials as, newspaper, grocery bags, rattan, wood scrap, toys, bullet shells.

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