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I trust the process that the seed of an idea will take shape. As an investigator digging into ideas, I embrace the unique challenges of each new artwork. It's not relaxing for me to make art. I respond to the ache in my belly that internalizes the injustices, the cruelty, the dangers.

     The narrative leads me through a range of media that includes drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional structures. In my assemblages, I use recycled materials in response to our choking consumerism. I “go for broke”, seeming to eschew my classical art education. Yet, the rigor is there even when combining the most divergent materials. The hunt for cast-offs is essential in my process. Since each artwork differs structurally, I must be dexterous. So, I use the try this/try that method. I may tape elements together then photograph the evolving work to scrutinize it before applying permanent adhesives. My pencil sketches help keep me on track. 

Please scroll down to see process for the artworks pictured above.


Too Late for Superheroes

Wall triptych represents death of our planet abetted by greed and anti-science magical thinking. Paper-mâché, found maps, toys. 

Too Late materials

Materials (clockwise)

1. Doll body 2. Doll limbs, flora, painted 3. Animal necklace 4. toys

Lady Liberty

“Lady Liberty” (detail) Artist’s wood mannequin, tulle, wire.

Art as Story
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